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Livewall Indoor Living Wall Livens Up Coava Coffee’s New Café

Coava Coffee went green at its new location on Jefferson Street in Portland, Oregon with the installation of a LiveWall Indoor Living Wall.

An organic expression of Coava Coffee’s organic brand, the green wall attracts and engages customers as they enjoy their coffee.

Living walls, also called green walls, are structural systems that cover walls with plants. Living walls transform unadorned walls into vertical gardens.

Completed in October 2017, Coava’s six-foot high LiveWall installation spans 17 feet along the back wall of the café’s upstairs seating area.

“We create a welcoming ambiance, where our customers feel like friends invited to hang out in our cafés,” said Matt Higgins, founder and president, Coava Coffee Roasters. “I had seen green walls in larger spaces. That got me thinking about featuring a green wall as a unique living work of art our customers can experience as they savor a great cup of coffee.”

Please visit, livewall.com

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