Producer Profile

Producer Profile: Sithar

Name of Farm
Arabica Variety
Type of Processing/Milling
Altitude in Meters Above Sea Level
Sithar Coffee Estate
Pyin Oo Lwin
SL34 and Catimor
Washed and Natural
Other Cupping  Notes
Fruit, Citrus
Lime, Passion Fruit, Papaya
Tea-like High N/A N/A

The main vari­etals grown at Sithar are SL34, Catimore and S795 with Coffee Quality Institute’s cup Q-score above 83. Sithar is the largest investor of Mandalay Coffee Group (processing plant and USAID spon­sored cupping lab) Sithar promotes women's group in coffee industry of Myanmar and employs industry’s top notch roasting tech­nology from Dietrich. Besides producing coffee on its own plan­ta­tion (40 acres with 40,000 coffee trees planted), Sithar buys coffees from other small­holders and resell it in domestic market for coffee shops across Myanmar. The proper picking is para­mount for Sithar where only ripe cher­ries hand­picked in order to preserve the aroma and taste of the terroir. Sithar uses fully washed process with natural and honey process initi­ated as well to high­light flavors of the origin. Fermentation process if care­fully moni­tored to avoid any unde­sir­able off flavors where after the fact they are natu­rally sun dried to mois­ture level of 11–12%. Sithar’s farm natural forest serves as shade protec­tion for coffee trees while only bio-fertilizers are used without any chem­ical impact.

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