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Noble Coffee Roasting Recognized As Most Awarded Coffee Company in Northwest

ASHLAND, Ore. (January 21, 2016) — Noble Coffee Roasting announced today that two of their coffees have been named winners in The 7th Annual Good Food Awards cere­mony that took place last night at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco. This is the fourth year that Noble Coffee Roasting has had winning coffee in the Good Food Awards, bringing their total to five Good Food Awards. The Good Food Awards is an awards program cele­brating expertly crafted food that is respon­sibly produced across the United States—showcasing the best America has to offer. In addi­tion to the Good Food Awards, Noble Coffee Roasting has been recently recog­nized by various coffee blogs and busi­nesses, making them the most highly awarded coffee company in the Northwest.

In order to become a Good Food Awards winner, producers have to shine under blind tasting, and undergo a rigorous vetting process ensuring that they meet specific Good Food Awards stan­dards around envi­ron­men­tally sound agri­cul­tural prac­tices, good animal husbandry, sourcing trans­parency, and respon­sible rela­tion­ships throughout the supply chain. The Good Food Awards announced three winners from 14 different cate­gories each from five different regions of the US. This means that Noble Coffee won two of the three awards for coffee from their region, which includes Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota. A full list of cate­gories and winners can be found at

This year, Noble Coffee Roasting submitted two of their coffees to the Good Food Awards, Ethiopian ‘Shilcho’ and Ethiopian ‘Addisu Kidane.’ The ‘Shilcho’ and ‘Addisu Kidane’ each high­light the unique qual­i­ties of Ethiopian coffees and the two main methods of processing the coffee bean, the washed and natural processes. Both coffees rose to the top and took their place as two of the top three coffees in the Northwest region. CEO Jared Rennie says of the event, “We are over­joyed to be recog­nized for what we set out to do by an awards program that shares our values of quality and respon­si­bility.”

Noble Coffee has received a multi­tude of acco­lades in the past few months. In November and December, their coffees Guatemalan ‘Palo Blanco’ and Panamanian ‘Duncan Estate’ were each reviewed and highly scored, 92 and 94 points respec­tively, by the well-known coffee blog, Coffee Review. At Coffee Review, profes­sional tasters blindly taste and score specialty coffees that have been submitted, usually in a partic­ular cate­gory. In early January, the coffee subscrip­tion service MistoBox awarded Noble Coffee Roasting’s World Tour blend with their 2nd Annual Golden Mug for the Best Espresso of 2016. At MistoBox, they based their awards off of customer reviews, and World Tour was the most highly reviewed espresso of the year out of more than 60 espressos from across the country.

Noble Coffee Roasting is a coffee roasting company based out of Ashland, Oregon. Now in their 10th year, their continued mission is to improve lives through coffee from seed to cup. Noble Coffee Roasting works closely with producers, regu­larly paying 3–4x the Fair Trade price for coffee. To empha­size their dedi­ca­tion to quality and sustain­ability, they believe to fairly compen­sate these farmers, the higher price is what their product justi­fies. For more infor­ma­tion, please visit, or follow Noble Coffee Roasting on social media @noblecoffee.

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