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Coffee Flour™ Selected As Launch Food Innovator

rachel van dolsen - Coffee_Flour_L (1)Seattle, WA (February 2, 2017) — Coffee Flour™ has been selected by the LAUNCH Food program as a 2017 inno­vator. This pres­ti­gious network-centred program brings together a cohort of food and agri­cul­tural disrup­tors whose work has the poten­tial to elevate healthier choices, broaden access to nutri­tious food, and ulti­mately improve health outcomes through food around the globe. Selected out of nearly 300 appli­ca­tions submitted by change­makers across 74 coun­tries, Coffee Flour will be one of twelve inno­va­tions show­cased at the LAUNCH Forum on March 30th and 31st at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.

Every year billions of pounds of coffee cherry fruit, a by­product of coffee produc­tion, are discarded or, to a lesser extent, composted into fertil­izer. Rather than leaving these cher­ries to rot in heaps or pollute local rivers, Coffee Flour uses a propri­etary method to convert them into a nutrient-dense and distinctly flavorful culi­nary ingre­dient that is high in fiber, protein, potas­sium, calcium, and iron. Coffee Flour’s busi­ness model also provides supple­mental income for small­holder farmers and creates addi­tional jobs at local coffee mills, turning what was once waste into an economic boost to coffee-growing commu­ni­ties around the globe.

Through partic­i­pa­tion in the LAUNCH Food network, Coffee Flour will raise its visi­bility within a commu­nity of health and nutrition-focused invest­ment part­ners, market leaders and tech­nical experts, as well as phil­an­thropic, NGO and public sector actors who are committed to accel­er­ating the adop­tion and scale of inno­v­a­tive solu­tions. Coffee Flour hopes to broaden the remit of coffee growing commu­ni­ties that are engaged in Coffee Flour produc­tion in order to expand its envi­ron­mental and economic impact; inte­grate into food distri­b­u­tion programs and other chan­nels that can reach nutri­tion­ally vulner­able popu­la­tions; and strengthen the evidence of impact with respect to envi­ron­mental, economic, and nutri­tional outcomes.

“We are honored to be a part of a select cohort of mission-driven food inno­va­tors from around the globe,” says Coffee Flour Vice President Dipika Matthias, “Through the LAUNCH Food program, we hope to estab­lish a network of part­ners that can help accel­erate progress towards our vision of trans­forming coffee-growing commu­ni­ties though signif­i­cant envi­ron­mental, economic, and nutri­tional impact.”

“I founded Coffee Flour in an effort to turn what was previ­ously an envi­ron­mental nuisance into an econom­i­cally and logis­ti­cally viable source of nutri­tion and revenue for coffee-growing commu­ni­ties,” says Dan Belliveau, founder and CEO of Coffee Flour. “We are thrilled to work with the LAUNCH Food program as we seek to expand Coffee Flour’s global impact ”

About Coffee Flour
Coffee Flour provides a unique combi­na­tion of nutri­tion and impact that empower our customers to change the future of food. Coffee Flour trans­forms coffee fruit pulp, a former waste product, into a nutrient-rich ingre­dient. Poised to rein­vent not only the coffee industry, but also inspire like-minded orga­ni­za­tions to rethink their existing food produc­tion systems, Coffee Flour is a powerful new addi­tion to the global menu.

Coffee Flour is an agri­cul­tural inno­va­tion struc­tured as a for profit busi­ness gener­ating for benefit results with bases in Vancouver, Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. Visit to learn more.
LAUNCH’s mission is to build and nurture a commu­nity of inno­va­tors, thought leaders, and deci­sion makers across value chains to collec­tively under­stand, artic­u­late and scale solu­tions for posi­tive systems change leading to a more sustain­able society. LAUNCH combines the disrup­tive poten­tial of cross-disciplinary thinking with the proven utility of estab­lished indus­tries, allowing us to build a new para­digm for the future.

Founding part­ners NASA, NIKE, Inc. the U.S. Agency for International Development and the U.S Department of State formed LAUNCH in an effort to bring collec­tive genius, unprece­dented networks, and new resources to over­come some of humanity’s toughest sustain­ability chal­lenges. LAUNCH aims to move beyond incre­mental change and make an impact at a systemic level.

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