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Shore Model 920 Portable Moisture Tester Designed for Coffee

Julie Staloch - Shore_Model920_201504-6777_CoffeeThe Shore Model 920 Moisture Tester provides quick, accu­rate mois­ture results for a variety of coffee commodi­ties. Utilizing the tester helps roasters choose the correct roasting profile, avoid shrink or quality issues and save roasting energy.

The Model 920 uses a pre-weighed sample and a reli­able sample loading mech­a­nism to ensure accu­rate, repeat­able results. It uses proven measure­ment prin­ci­ples and a cell design that makes it one of the most consis­tently accu­rate and econom­ical mois­ture testers on the market. All results are displayed directly without the need for mois­ture or temper­a­ture conver­sion tables.

Sample tests take between 5 to 35 seconds, depending on the sample temper­a­ture. The unit is able to test samples ranging in temper­a­tures from 22- to 160-degrees Fahrenheit, and can read mois­ture levels between 6 and 40 percent.

Built for porta­bility, the mois­ture tester weighs only 2.7 pounds, yet it features rugged, all-metal construc­tion to handle the rigors of field use. The tester is avail­able on its own, or as part of a portable testing package, complete with portable scale, dump cell and cali­bra­tion weight all contained within a sturdy hard-sided carrying case.

Shore Measuring Systems ( is a part of the CTB, Inc. family of compa­nies. CTB, Inc. ( is a leading global designer and maker of systems and solu­tions for storing, conveying and preserving grain; producing poultry, pigs and eggs; and processing poultry, fish, vegeta­bles and other foods. The company also produces stables, build­ings and prod­ucts for various other appli­ca­tions. CTB’s strategy for growth includes best cost manu­fac­turing, a product-driven focus, expanded global phys­ical pres­ence, strategic acqui­si­tions and enhanced finan­cial strength. The Berkshire Hathaway-owned company serves its customers through a world­wide distri­b­u­tion network.

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