Sector Partnership Program

Gabriela Cordon - Representantes Taller SPThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Holland funds the program for nine coun­tries in Asia (Indonesia), Africa (Ivory Coast, Kenya, Ghana, Malawi and Uganda), Central America (El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras), accounting for €18 millones. The program aims to support small coffee growers, espe­cially women, in devel­oping projects for produc­tivity, gender, climate change and water manage­ment, living wage and child labor erad­i­ca­tion, small coffee growers strength­ening and inclu­sion of their interest.

As Han de Groot, UTZ Executive Director explains “UTZ certi­fi­ca­tion already bene­fits more than a million farmers and workers, but we know that we could do more. The Sector Partnerships Program builds on the strong foun­da­tions of certi­fi­ca­tion, contributing to our
goal of making sustain­able farming the norm.”
We look forward to hearing from you and collab­o­rating with infor­ma­tion that may serve to develop contents about the sustain­ability approach.

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