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Ensure Safe Handling of Fryer Waste Oil with Frontline International’s Award-winning Direct-plumbed® System

Pete Zeller - frontline international direct plumb systemFebruary, 2017—If your coffee shop serves fried foods, you have a respon­si­bility to protect your workers around the fryer, one of the most dangerous tools in a food­ser­vice operation’s kitchen. When back-of-house employees handle buckets of hot, messy waste oil, there is a real and dangerous poten­tial for slip-and-fall acci­dents, burns, muscu­loskeletal disor­ders (MSDs) caused by carrying heavy containers, and more. These types of injuries can be extremely costly to busi­nesses due to lost work time and legal liability, and they can leave employees with long-term phys­ical prob­lems as a result of their injuries.
Frontline International is dedi­cated to increasing safety in profes­sional kitchens. Their hands-free Smart Oil Management™ system received a bronze award in the Kitchen Innovation Challenge at the Commercial Kitchen 2016 show.
The fully auto­mated Direct-Plumbed® system is Frontline International’s safest waste oil manage­ment system, and it’s easy to operate, requiring just the push of a button. Filtered waste oil is plumbed to flow out of fryers and into a Frontline International storage tank with no contact with employee hands.
Not only does a Direct-Plumbed® system enhance employee safety, it also makes for easier oil collec­tion by your renderer. Used oil or grease flows from the fryers directly to secure waste oil tanks housed inside or outside your facility. Frontline International’s stain­less steel waste oil tanks have collec­tion ports designed with a locking anti-theft valve to prevent theft or misuse of used oil.
Direct-Plumbed® waste oil solu­tions can completely elim­i­nate the need to handle used fryer oil. Frontline International’s equip­ment is modular, infinitely customiz­able, and can be installed in a wide variety of restau­rant kitchens, even those with small and complex layouts. Regardless of your setup, Frontline International’s effi­cient, cost-effective systems can decrease hazards for your employees and increase your bottom line. All equip­ment is backed by a one-year warranty on both parts and labor.
About Frontline International
Frontline International, Inc. designs, manu­fac­tures, and distrib­utes supe­rior commer­cial food­ser­vice equip­ment for the storage, handling, and disposal of cooking oil. Customers own their own equip­ment, nego­tiate their own oil rebates, and have the freedom to choose their own oil vendors. Frontline International and its Smart Oil Management systems offer users more freedom and more control over their processes and their profits. For more infor­ma­tion, contact Frontline International, Inc. at 187 Ascot Parkway, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223. Phone: +1 330−861−1100. Toll free: 1−877−776−1100. Web: Email:

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