Curtis Turns on the Heat with Its New G3 5 Gallon Narrow Hot Water Dispenser

Kerri Goodman 3448 WB5 all red 300x280 - CURTIS TURNS ON THE HEAT WITH ITS NEW G3 5 GALLON NARROW HOT WATER DISPENSERWith its slender base and feature-packed design, the Curtis G3 Five Gallon Narrow Hot Water Dispenser with Aeration is the perfect source for your operation.

This versatile unit dispenses all the hot water needed thanks to an automatic refill system for hot water on demand — with a programmable temperature range between 140°F to 210°F. It also features an automatic aeration setting to help improve tea extraction and flavor.

The G3 Narrow Hot Water Dispenser couldn’t be easier to use. It includes a large LED display with a water temperature indicator, color-coded buttons and ready lights for all functions. Curtis’ famed G3 Digital Control Module lets staff easily regulate temperature and aeration. Onboard diagnostics continuously sense water level and temperature for simpler operation while common parts and a side-access maintenance door make servicing the unit a snap.

For more information, 800/421-6150

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