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Curtis Turns on the Heat with Its New G3 5 Gallon Narrow Hot Water Dispenser

Kerri Goodman - 3448-WB5-all-redWith its slender base and feature-packed design, the Curtis G3 Five Gallon Narrow Hot Water Dispenser with Aeration is the perfect source for your oper­a­tion.

This versa­tile unit dispenses all the hot water needed thanks to an auto­matic refill system for hot water on demand — with a program­mable temper­a­ture range between 140°F to 210°F. It also features an auto­matic aera­tion setting to help improve tea extrac­tion and flavor.

The G3 Narrow Hot Water Dispenser couldn’t be easier to use. It includes a large LED display with a water temper­a­ture indi­cator, color-coded buttons and ready lights for all func­tions. Curtis’ famed G3 Digital Control Module lets staff easily regu­late temper­a­ture and aera­tion. Onboard diag­nos­tics contin­u­ously sense water level and temper­a­ture for simpler oper­a­tion while common parts and a side-access main­te­nance door make servicing the unit a snap.

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