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A New Philosophy of Taste is Born in Turin with Adrià, Zanasi and Ferretti

Condividere: an Italian word meaning “sharing with others,” derived from the Latin cum and dividere. The new gourmet restau­rant CONDIVIDERE by Lavazza is the expres­sion of a new philos­ophy of taste, intro­ducing an inno­v­a­tive way to enjoy food inspired by the informal sharing of dishes by masters. The restau­rant will be located at the new Lavazza head­quar­ters, in the heart of Turin, under­scoring the city’s intent to play a leading role in haute cuisine, in addi­tion to being the coffee capital of Italy. Created by Lavazza and devel­oped with Ferran Adrià, CONDIVIDERE by Lavazza will feature a setting designed by three-time Academy Award-winning art director, Dante Ferretti, and the bril­liant young Italian chef, Federico Zanasi, will be respon­sible for the manage­ment of the restau­rant and head the kitchen.

“Studying. Knowing. Communicating: the past is funda­mental for under­standing the future, and it must be clear that when we share food, we are more impor­tantly sharing knowl­edge.” This is how Ferran Adrià — food philoso­pher and inter­na­tional culi­nary guru with his elBulli Foundation — describes Lavazza’s new project. “The idea behind CONDIVIDERE stems from the friend­ship that has tied me to the Lavazza family for years. This is why, when I was asked to help select the chef who would be respon­sible for running the restau­rant, I focused on finding a person who fully embraces our love for taste. Together we recog­nized that the charis­matic Federico Zanasi was the right person to skil­fully head this venture. CONDIVIDERE will offer a shared, high-end gastro­nomic expe­ri­ence, in an envi­ron­ment where people can feel at ease and socialize, as well as share and seek quality and love for food. A new expe­ri­ence in a friendly, informal setting where sharing food is enhanced by supe­rior ingre­di­ents and execu­tion.”
“Our rela­tion­ship with Ferran Adrià, marked by research and inno­va­tion, has been solid and fruitful since 2000 when we first met in Turin,” recalls Giuseppe Lavazza, Vice President of the company. “Seventeen years later, here we are again with the desire to outdo ourselves with a restau­rant concept that completely fasci­nates us, and that will also be an inte­gral part of our new head­quar­ters complex in the heart of Turin. We have come up with an inno­v­a­tive format for a restau­rant that is as demo­c­ratic as it is unique. Coffee was finally intro­duced to the world of haute cuisine in 2000 as a result of the Coffee Design trend launched by Lavazza. The time has come to offer Turin a proposal that can make yet another contri­bu­tion to the already rich culi­nary scene of our terri­tory and our city.”

With over 5,000 square feet of taste and expe­ri­ence, CONDIVIDERE will animate the “Cathedral,” the former Enel power plant inside Lavazza’s new head­quar­ters. The kitchen will be over­seen by Federico Zanasi, who has been tapped to lead the team of the new restau­rant. Born in 1975, wilful and deter­mined, Zanasi has been chef at the restau­rant of the Hotel Principe delle Nevi in Cervinia since 2012. He worked with Moreno Cedroni for nine years and won the “Best Sous Chef of the Year” award in 2011. “The philos­ophy that under­pins Lavazza’s new CONDIVIDERE restau­rant is unique. Everything stems from a system­atic study of Italian ingre­di­ents, the story of where they come from and an expla­na­tion of their history and evolu­tion. This is the basis of the CONDIVIDERE gastro­nomic journey. An expe­ri­ence in true ‘food democ­racy’, in which we strive to create a pleasant envi­ron­ment marked by informal sharing that makes everyone feel at home,” comments Federico Zanasi.

CONDIVIDERE by Lavazza — a temple of shared taste and coffee expe­ri­ences — is being designed by Dante Ferretti, a three-time Academy Award-winning art director, and also the creative arm and friend of Pasolini, Fellini and Scorsese. Ferretti’s way of inter­preting this dream­like space, show­casing time as the true value of the 21st century, is lavish but also urban and colorful — perfectly reflecting Zanasi’s culi­nary philos­ophy. “Inventing dreams is my job. I feel perfectly Felliniesque in the sense that I like every­thing that mate­ri­al­izes visions and dreams. Not seeking perfec­tion, but rein­venting reality. That’s why conceiving this new space with Lavazza takes me to the world of dreams I was talking about,” says Dante Ferretti. “I love grandiosity in my work, and simplicity in my private life. CONDIVIDERE repre­sents me in this sense because it connects the majesty of the place with the plea­sure of being together, of eating together. Enjoying haute cuisine with friends, in a place that is welcoming and dream­like at the same time”.

The roots of CONDIVIDERE by Lavazza begin with the history of Italian cuisine, which Zanasi analyzed for months under the careful guid­ance of Adrià, following the Sapiens method at the elBulli Foundation, and also studying acad­emic texts at the University of Culinary Science in Pollenzo, Italy. Zanasi then rein­ter­preted it in a knowing mix between tradi­tion and inno­va­tion, lending value to ingre­di­ents that are always of the finest quality. This is haute cuisine within everyone’s reach and, while it hints to the informal dining approach typical of Spain, it also wants to redis­cover the social side of the typically-Italian Sunday dinner.

“CONDIVIDERE strives to bring together the excel­lence of our Italian flavors, and our glorious culi­nary history, with the spon­taneity and joy that strongly char­ac­ter­izes the most profound sense of what we mean by Italian hospi­tality,” adds Giuseppe Lavazza. “Without revealing anything just yet, there will also be room for a new coffee expe­ri­ence that is quite unique and evoca­tive. In fact, for the first time, the tasting of desserts and the final ritual of coffee will be given the same atten­tion and impor­tance as the first part of the meal, taking place in a specially equipped sepa­rate and dedi­cated area for diners.

CONDIVIDERE will be a bold exper­i­ment at the service of taste, cheer, sharing, hospi­tality and culi­nary talent, while remaining acces­sible to all — in keeping with the finest Lavazza tradi­tion.”

Zanasi concludes, “I showed Ferran all my deter­mi­na­tion and my desire to surprise him. What became imme­di­ately apparent to me is that Adrià wanted an all-around vision of the dish and a full aware­ness of what is being presented. He wants every­thing to have an origin and every­thing to be consid­ered and well-thought out. Seeing how the young­sters working in his Foundation follow him is in itself already an expe­ri­ence: he is a guru who invents passion, analyzes it and places it at the service of others.”

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