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Xeltron's New Xv Camera Sorter High Volume, Small Footprint, Best Sort

Xeltron intro­duces its latest HIGH Volume Camera Scan Sorting Machine to the market. Fulfilling our clients’ needs for high volume and quality sorting machines, and always main­taining the same prin­ci­ples of operation-friendly, robust and reli­able that we’ve been recog­nized for 43 years, we intro­duce our XV Camera model.

The new XV Camera model comes in different volume capac­i­ties with 1, 2 and 3 trays, sorting from 2.2 to 9 tons per hours, offering High Volume and a Small Footprint, but still main­taining the best sort avail­able in the market.

Our Inline Scan Cameras are the latest gener­a­tion in the market, offering the highest defi­n­i­tion and reso­lu­tion of the color spec­trum.

Our high velocity PCB boards are cutting edge tech­nology, increasing its perfor­mance and dimin­ishing the mortality rate, overall lowering the down­time of the machines, resulting in an accel­er­ated return on your invest­ment.

Its dynamic user friendly Interface was designed to facil­i­tate the cali­bra­tion process through its indus­trial touch screen.
Xeltron has always designed its sorting machines prior­i­tizing on accu­racy for the best sort possible, robust­ness to endure hostile envi­ron­ments, and ease of oper­a­tion to be oper­ated with minimum tech­nical training. The XV model accom­plishes all these require­ments and more.

With over 43 years of coffee sorting expe­ri­ence on the market, Xeltron offers solu­tions to your sorting needs. You can count on our Sales and Technical Representatives over the world to offer a stock of orig­inal spare parts, and the qual­i­fied and prompt service you deserve.

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