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Airscape™ Bucket Insert Turns A Basic Bucket Into an Oxygen & Moisture-free Preservation Container

What’s In Your Bucket?

March 20, 2017 – Missoula, Mont (USA) – Turn any ordi­nary bucket into a valu­able airtight and oxygen-free, moisture-free storage preser­va­tion unit. Great for preserving and protecting so many different items, no matter how full the bucket. The patented inner lid, made with food grade plastic and rubber, is pushed into the bucket and forces out prac­ti­cally all the oxygen inside as it reaches the contents.

The rubber gasket, affixed to the edge of the inner lid, ensures a complete airtight envi­ron­ment once the lid is in place. Not only does it prevent oxygen and mois­ture from entering the bucket, but it also serves as a pest-proof barrier– protecting the contents from just about anything imag­in­able.

Our customers use this for a multi­tude of storage options including protecting green coffee beans prior to roasting, preventing mois­ture from damaging valu­able hops in a commer­cial micro-brewery, stop­ping mice from invading grass seed bags in a barn or storage shed, and even using as “dry” storage during a rafting trip. The list of possible uses is nearly endless. Let us know “What’s In Your Bucket?” at

The AIRSCAPE Bucket Insert is a recent addi­tion to the complete line of patented AIRSCAPE® coffee and food storage containers that have become the coffee connoisseur’s #1 choice to keep whole beans and ground coffee fresher longer. The patented inner “plunger” lid allows most all the oxygen to be pushed out of the storage container and locked out to keep your favorite beans fresher longer.

Planetary Design, LLC, is a Montana-based company that prides itself on designing prod­ucts for pursuing life’s passions. Its product lines include insu­lated single and multi-serve French Press coffee makers, beverage ware and patented AIRSCAPE® coffee and food storage containers. It’s high quality prod­ucts are known for both design and func­tion­ality, offering insu­lated and highly durable French Press coffee makers, in addi­tion to the patented “Tea Tumbler.” Founded in 1992, the company launched the orig­inal Big Sky Bistro French Press, which it will be relaunching this summer.

Planetary Design will be exhibiting the complete line of AIRSCAPE® prod­ucts and its complete single and multi-serve line of French Press coffee makers and beverage ware at the upcoming Specialty Coffee Expo, Booth #901, in Seattle, WA, on April 20 – 23.

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