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Kahwa Coffee Introduces Caféine — the Fashionable Scent of Fresh Roast

April 1, 2017 [St. Petersburg, FL] — Today, the husband and wife team behind the Kahwa Coffee brand announced their latest venture for the fast-growing Tampa Bay company in the form of a scent. Caféine joins the brand’s growing port­folio that includes 11 retail stores, 650 whole­sale accounts, ecom­merce and appear­ances on the multi-channel retailer, HSN.

Kahwa launched a 30 second spot to tout the new scent across social media, which can be viewed at this link.
Sarah Perrier, a former dancer with the Koresh Dance Company in Philadelphia, joins her husband Raphael in a 30-second cine­matic social video cele­brating the new scent, both of which are a nod to his French heritage and her love of French culture.
“The inviting scent of a good roast is often as good as enjoying the brew it makes,” says Raphael. “Our process to create a scent blending coffee with hints of cherry and honey was as detailed as creating our signa­ture blends them­selves.”
The alluring fragrance, soon to be offered exclu­sively at Kahwa Coffee cafes, is fash­ion­ably femi­nine with a hint of classic mascu­line accou­trements.

“Many of the leading fashion houses in Milan, Paris and New York have tried and failed to trans­late that intox­i­cating smell of bold coffee, in a wear­able scent,” says Kahwa co-founder Sarah Perrier. “The fragrance makes a state­ment that the wearer enjoys great coffee.”

The Scent
Warm and rich new fragrance that capti­vates from morning to night, like the smell of fresh, hot Kahwa Coffee. Constructed with the heat of that first touch, Caféine by Kahwa creates an unde­ni­able rush of attrac­tion between two people that is long-lasting and addicting.

Notes About the Fragrance
Constructed with the rush of that first touch, the fragrance expe­ri­ence evokes desire with its unique blend of ingre­di­ents including arabica beans inter­twined with wild tempting dark cherry and deli­cious honey:

A Magnetic Roasted Coffee Bean Sensation – Crafted from a unique blend of hand-selected Arabica beans from around the world, this combi­na­tion is meant to capture the unde­ni­able fiery attrac­tion between two coffee lovers.

Tempting Dark Cherry Essence – The luscious, deli­cious scent of vine-ripened cher­ries set aglow with a full bodied sweet­ness that is memo­rable and intox­i­cating.

Sunny Delicious Honey – Warm and luxu­rious, its essence emanates with hypnotic indul­gence, bringing an intense bright­ness and warmth to the fragrance.

Yes, this is an April Fools joke 😉

About Kahwa Coffee 
In 2006, Kahwa opened its first shop in down­town St. Petersburg. Both Sarah and Raphael intro­duced the coffee from behind the counter as the company’s first baristas.

Proudly roasted and pack­aged in Tampa Bay, Kahwa focuses on blends rather than single-origin coffees in order to bring complex flavors to each cup. The world’s finest 100% Arabica beans are hand-selected and blended before roasting, even though it’s easier and more common to blend after the fact, because not all beans roast well together.

Now cele­brating over ten years of good coffee, Kahwa shops can be found around Tampa Bay area — North to Belleair Bluffs and South to Sarasota. The company’s whole­sale distri­b­u­tion has exploded to 500 local and national restau­rants and five-star hotels across Florida and the entire United States in California, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania.

Kahwa is the exclu­sive coffee vendor of the Nassau Airport with three shops, as well as the offi­cial coffee of Parrot Cay, a private island resort in Turks and Caicos from the COMO Hotels and Resorts Group and the luxury resort, Amangiri, in Utah’s Lake Powell Region. Kahwa Coffee is featured promi­nently at Tampa International Airport with the newly opened NewsLink Group in Terminal C and Terminal E.

Voted “Tampa Bay’s Best Coffee” by Creative Loafing readers seven years running, Kahwa Coffee is becoming a regional and national power­house, as noted by Winn Dixie’s enthu­siasm to carry the brand in dozens of Florida stores, and its multiple appear­ances on tele­vi­sion retailer HSN, which named Kahwa “the best coffee ever!”

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