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The Future of Coffee Weighing and Filling

With WeighPack’s PrimoCombi 0.5L multi-head weigher, oper­a­tors have less to learn, tech­ni­cians simplify trou­bleshooting, managers enjoy more uptime, and exec­u­tives benefit from lower oper­ating costs. With a vast array of differ­en­ti­ating features, the PrimoCombi both chal­lenges our current view of coffee weighing and provides a glimpse into the future of pack­aging inno­va­tion.

The PrimoCombi’s struc­tural design, highly suit­able for the coffee industry, consists of sturdy 304 stain­less steel construc­tion. Open frame assembly leaves no small crevices for bacteria to hide, making the PrimoCombi ideal for appli­ca­tions with strin­gent sani­ta­tion stan­dards. The PrimoCombi, avail­able in 10 and 14 weigh-bucket combi­na­tions, utilizes an advanced CAN bus wiring system, housing all elec­trical compo­nents remotely and elim­i­nating any risk of damage during cleaning.

A tool-less adjustable hopper makes loading product easy and conve­nient. Vibratory pan feed mech­a­nisms and stagger dump settings also ensure that product freely flows through the machine. By using a combi­na­tion of 3 to 5 weigh-buckets, the PrimoCombi main­tains accu­racy to one one-hundredth of a gram and elim­i­nates excess product give­away. For certain produc­tion require­ments, the PrimoCombi is also capable of sorting and mixing.

The PrimoCombi comes stan­dard with a Windows 360 Operating System that can be easily inter­faced with any ERP/MRP soft­ware. This feature allows for a complete oper­a­tional overview, remote control of machine func­tion­ality, and total reporting trans­parency.

The PrimoCombi is a compact, complete weighing solu­tion designed for high perfor­mance appli­ca­tions and tight accu­racy require­ments. By combining sound engi­neering with simple auxil­iary inte­gra­tion and a customiz­able user inter­face, the PrimoCombi provides a true compre­hen­sive weighing solu­tion.

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