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Milano Coffee Celebrates Gold Medals, Travels for Direct Trade and Set to Launch Two Series

Vancouver based Milano Coffee continues to gain recog­ni­tion and atten­tion on the world stage for its tire­less approach at coffee inno­va­tion. Brian and Linda Turko took over Milano Coffee with family support just thir­teen years ago. The six-coffee shop insti­tu­tion boasts a local roastery, cult-status espresso blends, and a promise to take the three-generation legacy to the next level.

Milano Goes for Gold
Roast Master, Brian Turko's commit­ment to discovery, excel­lence and flat-out "mad professor" approach to coffee inven­tion has once again forged a golden path. In 2017 Milano Coffee was awarded three more gold medals, bringing the total count to ten in the past five years.

This year's winners are:

Sauve Rico — a super smooth, rich and refreshing with complex acidity and notes of rasp­berry and cocoa.
New Italian — a fresh classic that is bold, creamy and sweet with notes of caramel fudge.
Frank's — in honor of Milano's founder, a café favourite that packs a punch with a lot of texture and flavours of hazelnut and choco­late.

Every November, the Turkos enter a completely new lineup of freshly created Milano espresso blends. The process starts when the previous compe­ti­tion is finished. Inspired by excel­lence and inno­va­tion, Brian Turko pushes himself to develop creative new blends. Increasing the sepa­ra­tion from the current coffee shop tide of serving up single bean coffee, Milano develops their blends with a range of seven to 13 premium quality single origin beans and the goal of creating deli­cious and unique new flavour profiles.

Milano submis­sions are judged at the International Institute of Coffee Tasters Annual Competition. These awards are recog­nized as a global bench­mark for coffee excel­lence. This year's compe­ti­tion saw over 200 entries, from 30 coun­tries — each judged by blind tasting with a panel of 30 inter­na­tional judges. The judges are renowned expert tasters with excep­tional palates similar to those of a wine somme­lier.

And while Milano Coffee takes home the gold, the real winners are the lucky Vancouverites who have close access to some of the world's best coffee blends. Blending beans at this level takes signif­i­cant skill and resources.

Direct Trade Coffee Travel
After a chance meeting with a Brazilian coffee farmer in Vancouver, an impor­tant rela­tion­ship between the Milano team and the farmers of Santa Rita, Brazil was born. Brian then trav­elled to Brazil to visit several coffee farms leading to a direct trans­ac­tion of fair prices for premium Brazilian beans. This past November, Linda Turko and her brother (and Milano partner) Barry Henry returned for a second trip to get further acquainted with the farmers and their prac­tices. "Visiting this part of the world was an amazing experience,"'says Linda. "It is a wonderful oppor­tu­nity to buy a very high quality product inte­gral to our busi­ness while also supporting farmers to earn a fair living wage. Witnessing how this exchange impacts a commu­nity is humbling and life changing."

Brazil is just one of the many coun­tries that Milano does trade with. Milano's espresso blends are made up of seven to thir­teen beans — meaning seven to thir­teen different coun­tries can be repre­sented in one cup of coffee. Milano is committed to visiting the coffee regions where their coffee beans are sourced, the team has also trav­elled to India and Mexico with several other coun­tries in the works. Milano is proud to use coffee beans from coffee regions in Africa, Columbia, Mexico, Hawaii, and more.

Milano Coffee in Midst of Launching Two New Coffee Series:
The Vintage Series and the Black Series

The Vintage Series will offer an ultra-premium version of six of Milano's favourite Gold Medal winners — the best of the best.

The Black Series is all about elevating dark roast coffees and the percep­tions around them. Using top quality beans and expert roasting tech­niques, Milano Coffee will have coffee drinkers singing the praises of dark roast blends with the creamiest, smoothest, and most flavourful conven­tional coffees avail­able.
These new series are being fine soon and will roll out soon. Stay tuned for updates.

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