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Historic, Family-owned Dairy Debuts New Line of Vegan Nutmilks

Historic Dairy Shifts to All Vegan Offerings; Elmhurst Milked Products are as Nutritious and Pure as Conventional Milk with None of the Emulsifiers, Thickeners or Stabilizers Used in Leading Brands
Henry Schwartz, the long­time owner of Elmhurst Dairy in New York State, is thrilled to announce the debut of Elmhurst Milked, a ground­breaking new line of vegan nutmilks and the next step in the company’s storied evolu­tion. After 92 years in busi­ness, Schwartz and Elmhurst look forward to leading the plant-based revo­lu­tion with an invest­ment in clean label prod­ucts that are concur­rently deli­cious and nutri­tion­ally robust. First launched last month at the Natural Products Expo West confer­ence in Anaheim, CA, Elmhurst Milked is avail­able in four unique vari­eties including Milked Almonds, Milked Cashews, Milked Walnuts and Milked Hazelnuts. The Elmhurst Milked team will be on site at the upcoming Global Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle on April 20–23 (Booth 10, Level 3) to show­case the nutmilks’ effec­tive­ness in coffee appli­ca­tions.

Using a patented cold milling process called ‘milking’, Elmhurst Milked crafts a whole food, non-dairy milk that combines the nutri­tion of whole nuts with supe­rior, creamy texture and full flavor. The product contains none of the indus­trial stabi­lizers, whiteners, emul­si­fiers or gums typical of other leading brands – it is natu­rally white in color due to native nut proteins and creamy as a result of healthy nut oils. Elmhurst Milked’s inno­v­a­tive process also allows for safe consump­tion over longer periods of time, boasting a longer shelf life with no need to refrig­erate the product before opening.
Each Elmhurst Milked nutmilk contains up to four times as many nuts as the other leading brands and is made using only whole, raw ingre­di­ents sourced from trusted farmers. The product can be enjoyed on its own as a high-protein, low-sugar beverage or used in cereal, coffee, tea and smoothies. It can also be used as a replace­ment for milk in cooking, and its high protein content and foaming prop­er­ties make it excel­lent for lattés and cappuc­cinos.

Elmhurst’s promise of total trans­parency runs through every­thing they do, from sourcing and processing to brand narra­tive. All of Elmhurst Milked’s prod­ucts are non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, dairy free, lactose free, and kosher. To high­light the revo­lu­tionary nutmilk, Elmhurst Milked is pack­aged in a modern container that combines the best features of the carton and bottle: combidome from SIG Combibloc. The package is recy­clable, and the nutri­ents and vita­mins are main­tained in a conve­nient and easy to handle pack­aging.

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