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LA Marzocco Launches LA Marzocco Home Australia

Seattle, WA (April 12, 2017) – La Marzocco, the leader in espresso machine inno­va­tion since 1927, announces La Marzocco Home Australia. In 2014, for the first time, La Marzocco started selling equip­ment and acces­sories directly to home espresso enthu­si­asts in the United States with This digital desti­na­tion is a website store as well an educa­tion center for the home barista, they can purchase a Linea Mini or GS3, add acces­sories, learn about the history of espresso, and take online courses. As of today, Australian consumers will also be able to shop and expe­ri­ence La Marzocco Home. Beginning with the main URL, the customer can select the specific country URLs for the United States and Australia.

“Australians have already shown that they are passionate coffee lovers. Now, consumers are ready to share a premium coffee expe­ri­ence with family and friends in their own homes. Our launch of La Marzocco Home will mean the coffee connois­seurs of Australia can produce café quality coffee at home using the industry’s finest espresso equip­ment,” Tom Beaumont, General Manager, La Marzocco Australia.

The website provides access to training videos that were created in part­ner­ship with to teach all the ins and outs of espresso making. La Marzocco Home also provides engaging content including histor­ical notes on espresso, infor­ma­tion about the tech­nology within the espresso machines, addi­tional fun barista videos, and blog content high­lighting home barista culture.

La Marzocco Home presents a new and uncom­pro­mised home espresso expe­ri­ence by providing the equip­ment, tools and educa­tion to empower the barista at home to produce their own café-quality drinks and share them with their family and friends.

“Australia has always been one of the leading espresso cultures in the world. We are thrilled to extend the La Marzocco Home expe­ri­ence to Australia. We hope this will be a cata­lyst for more Australians to discover the joy of pursuing excel­lent espresso in their kitchens each morning,” adds Scott Callender, Director, La Marzocco Home.

With the pronounced gener­a­tion of third wave coffee being cele­brated in many urban envi­ron­ments across the world, barista culture is growing and rele­vant. The evolving culture touches science, fashion, enter­tain­ment, food and lifestyle. La Marzocco Home now welcomes the aspiring home barista in Australia to become a part of the La Marzocco family and story.

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About La Marzocco
Named for the symbol of Florence, Italy – the seated lion – La Marzocco has been the leader in espresso machine inno­va­tions since 1927. For the last 90 years, each La Marzocco espresso machine has been assem­bled by hand in Florence, Italy, and today La Marzocco espresso machines can be found in the finest cafes and restau­rants around the world. A shared passion for tradi­tion and the search for quality and supe­rior reli­a­bility continue to distin­guish the company. The Australian oper­a­tion for La Marzocco has two offices and show­rooms in both Melbourne and Sydney, offering sales, distri­b­u­tion, tech­nical support, and training to the coffee commu­nity, with the goal of being instru­mental to the craft and forward motion of the espresso industry. In addi­tion to its commer­cial offer­ings, La Marzocco also extends to the home with La Marzocco Home, through which coffee enthu­si­asts can explore the craft and science of espresso, using highest quality, professional-grade equip­ment designed for the home
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