Stronghold Smart Roasters to Introduce A Whole New Concept of Coffee Roasting

Stronghold Smart Roasters to Introduce
A Whole New Concept of Coffee Roasting

S7 Pro, the most advanced smart roaster, presents the technology at 2017 RG Retreat

Seoul, South Korea – August 11, 2017 – Stronghold Technology, Inc. the developer, manufacturer, and retailer of the world’s first smart coffee roasters that successfully made its debut at 2017 SCA Global Specialty Coffee Expo is presenting the technology at the upcoming Roasters Guild Retreat in Buford, Georgia, August 17-20.

S7 Pro, the high-end model in the S SERIES, has drawn much attention from the global coffee market since its debut. Along with the sales growth that doubles every year, North America surely takes up the largest part of the attention while Central-Latin America, Europe, South East Asia, Oceania, and Africa follow closely.

The most coveted event for coffee roasters will be a great opportunity to check out the whole new concept of coffee roasting and why S7 Pro has been the center of the conversation over the past months.

Stronghold smart roasters adopt all-electric Android-based roast system designed to
consistently produce precise and high quality roasts. With its predictable and precise heat
control, and advanced sensing technology that automatically makes adjustments to the
environmental variations, S7 Pro features its unique technological achievement – Auto
Replication. This feature was born only to provide a streamlined coffee roasting experience
where the user can roast, save, and precisely replicate the profiles, all done on a user-friendly
touch screen interface. Adding radiant heat to the convectional and conductive heat invites
opportunities to explore various cup characteristics, completing the unique ‘Triple Heat
System.’ One of the advantages of S7 Pro is that it comes with a Program Mode which runs
optimal roast profiles, effectively factoring in bean characteristics, making high quality roasts
approachable to anyone.

“Our participation at this year’s Roasters Guild Retreat is mainly to build relationships with
roasters and discuss the values we can create with our unique smart roasting technologies in
the traditional roaster industry. Stronghold smart roasters have been a true sense of game
changer in South Korea, constantly delivering solutions for more than 900 customers to break
through challenges of running independent coffee shops. Our collective efforts have witnessed
us being selected as the official roaster of 2017 Korea Coffee Roasting Championship.” said
Jason Woo, CEO of Stronghold Technology. He added, “We believe S7 Pro will ignite a ‘microroastery’
boom in the U.S. market with its unmatched productivity enabled by the automation
technology. Starting with S7 Pro, which can roast up to 850g per batch, Stronghold plans to
introduce bigger size smart roasters in the near future.”


About Stronghold Technology

Stronghold Technology, Inc. is the developer, manufacturer, and retailer of the world’s first
smart coffee roasters, S SERIES. Our daring innovation is taking the traditional roaster
industry by storm with the all-electric revolutionary hardware design and the integration of
smart technology, bringing high quality roast to your fingertips. Stronghold smart roasters have
been the WCRC (World Coffee Roasting Championship) official sample roaster for three
consecutive years since 2015 and was selected as the official roaster of 2017 KCRC (Korea
Coffee Roasting Championship). Learn more at

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