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Winn Dixie Premieres New Coffee Shop Concept in Tampa with Locally Sourced Kahwa Coffee

Kahwa Coffee Roasting Company today revealed its first coffee shop part­ner­ship with Winn Dixie at their recently remod­eled South Tampa loca­tion. The newly remod­eled store was described by the Winn Dixie brand team to the Tampa Bay
Business Journal as an oppor­tu­nity to “rede­fine what Winn-Dixie can provide for its customers in a contem­po­rary, friendly and exciting in-store envi­ron­ment focused on stun­ning quality fresh food, specialty stores-within-stores and very compet­i­tive prices.”
Just opened this week near the store’s main entrance is a coffee shop which features Kahwa Coffee, exclu­sively. With Kahwa Coffee’s signa­ture blend already avail­able in Winn Dixie loca­tions across Florida, both parties hope to see the coffee shop part­ner­ship expand as the brand rolls out the refreshed look at many more loca­tions to come.

“We're thrilled to expand an already successful part­ner­ship with Winn Dixie by being the exclu­sive coffee shop of this new concept,” said Kahwa owner, Raphael Perrier. “We can’t wait to see more pop up in other loca­tions.”

Winn Dixie, the 5th largest super­market chain in the US, now competes with Whole Foods, as the Jacksonville based chain continues making locally sourced prod­ucts a priority. While Publix has chosen Starbucks as their preferred coffee shop partner, Winn Dixie is choosing a locally sourced option with Kahwa Coffee.

“When we buy local, everyone wins — we want to offer locally made and locally sourced prod­ucts, so every­thing is funneled back into the commu­nity,” said Winn-Dixie senior manager of local busi­ness, Nicole Hatfield. “We started this program because we are committed to connecting our customers to the highly inno­v­a­tive suppliers that live right in their commu­ni­ties.”

The husband and wife team, Raphael and Sarah Perrier, voted “Tampa Bay’s Best Coffee Roasters” by Creative Loafing readers seven years running, began roasting in 2006 at their St. Petersburg produc­tion site. Raphael and Sarah, Kahwa’s first baristas, main­tain an unwa­vering commit­ment to fresh­ness through small batch roasting, after hand-selecting and blending the world’s finest 100 percent Arabica beans.

Co-founders, Raphael and Sarah Perrier, turned the locally roasted and pack­aged coffee into a national power­house, exploding their whole­sale distri­b­u­tion to nearly 500 local and national restau­rants and five-star hotels across the nation. Kahwa made multiple appear­ances on the tele­vi­sion retailer, HSN, which named Kahwa “The Best Coffee Ever!”

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