Day: February 1, 2021

Of beans and brew in Ethiopia

From In Ethiopian towns, the heady scent of coffee percolates the air wherever you walk. It is brewing in every home, in cafés, on street corners, at all times of the day. Read More

How to package coffee efficiently and sustainably

From In our latest Innovation Spotlight, we take a close-up look at ROVEMA’s comprehensive solutions for packaging coffee and how the company’s solutions can eliminate the need for unnecessary packaging without Read More

Meet Osma, the portable barista from Silicon Valley

From The cafetière goes back to 1852, the espresso machine, 1894, the multi-sided aluminium Bialetti coffee-maker, 1933, the Cona, 1947. In 2005, engineer Alan Adler invented the über-simple, £30, plastic AeroPress, which is popular with Silicon Valley tech Read More