Nespresso Launches Coffee Range Sourced From Eastern Congo

Nespresso, part of food giant Nestle , said on Wednesday it had launched a new range of organic coffee sourced from the fertile volcanic slopes of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, a former growing region blighted by decades of violence and war.

The 29 Best Craft Coffee Shops In Los Angeles

If coffee is black gold, then there’s been a Gold Rush in the past 15 years, with specialty coffee powers descending on LA from across the US. Homegrown coffee companies have also stepped up…

‘I’m A Gastroenterologist, And This Is How To Make A Cup Of Gut-Healthy Coffee’

Just in case you were having doubts about your morning coffee habit, rest assured that coffee is, in fact, good for you. And chances are, your doctor is brewing a cup of gut-healthy coffee every morning, too. “Coffee itself isn’t the problem, but rather, it’s the garbage we add to it,” says Will Bulsiewicz, MD, a gastroenterologist and the author of Fiber Fueled.

Chicago’s Coffee Roasters Continue To Grind Through An Uncertain Future

2020 was slated to be a good year for Metric Coffee; 2019 had been the best year yet for the independent roastery co-founded in a garage six years prior by Xavier Alexander, a former roasting manager at industry behemoth Intelligentsia Coffee, and Darko Arandjelovic, the founder of Caffe Streets, an always-bustling and hip Wicker Park coffee shop.

Luckin Coffee Shares Crash On Delisting Risk

Luckin Coffee said on Tuesday that Nasdaq had notified the company of plans to delist it from the U.S. stock exchange, a month after the company disclosed that some employees had fabricated sales accounts.