Top News debuts World’s First Protein Enhanced Drip Coffee Pod

“CUP-O Protein™” which caught the attention of executive buyers has launched CUP-O PROTEIN COFFEE INFUSION™ on the site.

CO-CEO &Inventor Donna McReynolds-Sanchez confessed, “there is no greater achievement for a new brand than to be picked up by COSTCO with placement on We spent 16 months doing everything we could to solve the riddle of how to make Drip Coffee with Protein a reality. What we got in return for our commitment and perseverance is the World’s First Drip Coffee Collagen Protein blend designed for Single Serving Brewers packaged in recyclable Pods.”

CUP-O Protein Coffee Infusion™ was formulated specifically for single-serving brewed coffee machines to quickly deliver a total of 8 grams of Collagen Protein per Pod. A combination of taste-free, odorless, silky collagen protein with a smooth, heavy bodied dark roast coffee providing a unique beverage for the Single Serving market.

CUP-O’s flavor is rich with notes of toasted nuts and a chocolaty aroma, providing consumers a hot, delicious, and convenient natural resource for Energy, Muscle Growth / Recovery, Stamina, and improved Focus to name a few.

The owners are passionate about producing an innovative beverage that tastes great and provides a number of benefits to the consumer while maintaining its commitment to sustainability, a lesson it took from the challenges the single serving pod market has faced since Single Serve Brewers were introduced to the mainstream consumer market.

CUP-O Protein Coffee Infusion™ has left protein and coffee consumers in a state of awe when they try it. It’s so silky smooth that it leaves drinkers wondering if there really is protein in their delicious cup of coffee. Consumers are so accustomed to the bitterness of coffee, and the unpleasant taste and residue of protein drinks, CUP-O Protein™ leaves users in blissful disbelief.

The back story of the CUP-O Protein origin and its Owners is one of Perseverance and Hope. CUP-O Beverages and its product formulation is an example of a Husband and Wife’s pursuit of the “American Dream”. The couple wanted to invent, produce and distribute a product that had never existed before.

Donna McReynolds-Sanchez, a 17-year beverage industry veteran, was working for a RTD protein shake company when the idea for CUP-O Protein was born. Donna felt her body required more sustenance than what her coffee provided and would reluctantly chug one of the protein shakes she was selling, but quickly grew weary of their cold temperature and poor aftertaste. She soon realized that she simply wanted something both hot and nourishing to drink in the morning. Out of sheer frustration, Donna grumbled to her husband and Co-Founder/Co-Inventor, that she wished she had a product that was offered in a pod, that she could put in her Keurig®, and seconds later have a hot cup of coffee infused with some type of nutrients. After hearing her frustration and wish, Toby asked Donna what she would add to her K-Cup® if she could? Without hesitation she said, “Protein or something with nutrients that will fill me up!” Toby, a former Cincinnati Reds baseball player and business consultant, sat back in awe and said, “That’s an absolutely incredible idea, we have to make this happen.”

The Single Serving Beverage market has been in dire need of innovative formulations and packaging that is committed to sustainability. The couple views their innovation in a unique way. ” We’ve been able to formulate the world’s first hot, drip brew coffee with protein infusion in a category that has experienced less than 4% creative innovation yet the market still generated over $4.5 billion dollars in 2016.

In less than a month of Donna introducing CUP-O with retail buyers, CUP-O Protein Coffee Infusion™ was taken in with open arms,” Toby Sanchez stated. ” We are fortunate to have found the right formula which we are incredibly proud of. If we had taken any other direction or shortcuts we might have not produced a product that has been so readily accepted.”

With its commitment to innovation, sustainability, a clean label and just 32 calories per serving, the CUP-O Protein™ monumental launch on has the company positioned for greatness in 2018 and beyond.

Donna confessed, “Most brands our age wouldn’t allow itself to call on the chains we have. But we decided early on that we needed to put the product in front of the National Buyers and coffee and protein consumers, educate the individuals that make up the industry, and let them get used to the idea of having a CUP-O Protein. We are confident in what we have and we believe the consumer is going to love it as much as we do.”

About CUP-O Beverages

Founded in 2016 by 17-year beverage industry veteran Donna McReynolds-Sanchez and her husband Toby Sanchez, a former professional baseball player, CUP-O Beverages is delivering the World’s First Drip Brew Coffee / Hot Cocoa / Chai Tea with Protein packaged in a Single Serving Pod. CUP-O Protein™ is an innovative line of protein infused products including but not limited to: CUP-O Protein Coffee Infusion™, CUP-O Protein Cocoa Infusion™, CUP-O Protein Chai Infusion™ and a series of flavored coffee creamers under the name CUP-O Protein Creamer Infusion™.

In April 2017, CUP-O Beverages introduced its first product to market, CUP-O Protein Coffee Infusion™, a Drip Brewed Coffee infused with Collagen Protein served in a Single Serving Pod. CUP-O Beverages will launch its Decaffeinated CUP-O Protein Coffee Infusion™ and its CUP-O Protein Cocoa Infusion™, in 2018.

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