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CoffeeTec into the Future

CoffeeTec, the iconic global supplier of roasting equipment to the coffee industry announces its’ partnership with industry veterans in coffee and engineering, Scott Plail and Nick Homan. Together, the team will continue to provide innovative coffee technology for tomorrow. “I am honored to be a part of this unique group of specialists, supplying the global coffee industry with the very best equipment solutions and support.” states Javaman™, aka Scott Plail.

Javaman was an early pioneer in specialty coffee roasting, from proprietary convenience pack retail coffees, and high end single cup, to 90+ rated coffees sourcing directly with farmers. Nick Holman, a top engineering executive previously with Emerson electric, has worked with roasting equipment for over a decade, and is the master trouble shooter for the company’s clients globally.

“As the company’s CEO, I am honored to work with the founder of CoffeeTec, Jay Endres, an amazing and brilliant man that has helped so many icons including Alfred Peet, successfully move their businesses forward into the future of today. Our mission here at CoffeeTec is to help all those that make up an industry we are passionate and sincerely care about. For us, it is the priority of our management team to help people with success in the long term vs. a short term sale. We plan to enjoy watching our customers grow and succeed. This is what life is really all about.” says Plail.

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