Coffee Bags Outlet introduces the addition of a new state of the art technology

Coffee Bags Outlet, a manufacturer of pre-made coffee bags and pouches, announces the addition of a new state of the art block bottom pouch line with a premium ultrasonic coffee valve system. Coffee Bags Outlet is producing 100% domestically made coffee bags, with a true flat bottom. These new packages are completely made in the Midwest United States (Columbus, Ohio) to help you reduce your carbon footprint of purchasing/shipping offshore items. This line can add standard zippers, and the new Pocketzip® technology.

Coffee Bags Outlet consists of a team of Packaging Professionals and is part of a manufacturing facility in Ohio that converts a million packages a day.

This is a family owned company that has been spearheading innovative packaging products for over 30 years. Contact us at our manufacturing facility at 614-859-6125, via email at, or visit our website at

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