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New Study Explores the Wellness Benefits of Low Acid, High Antioxidant Puroast Coffee®

Other coffee brands may promise low acidity. Only Puroast delivers. A U C Davis study confirms Puroast has 70 percent less acidity than any other coffee. It also has 7 times more antioxidants than green tea. That’s a wellness profile so unique, it’s got international scientists excited. Premier food scientist, researcher and coffee guru Dr. Taka Shibamoto calls Puroast Coffee® “the only legitimately low acid product on the market.”

The win-win of great taste and the wellness qualities of low acid and high antioxidants has earned Puroast a legion of fans. It also sparked Shibamoto and his U C Davis team to analyze why it happens. The art — and science — occurs in the roasting.

Unlike the conventional roasting process most coffee companies use, Puroast roasts the way coffee growers have done for generations, for quality, not quantity, to get the best out of the bean. Shibamoto’s research shows Puroast’s roasting methods produce a smooth brew with a natural sweetness and the flavor notes coffee lovers crave while releasing a wealth of potent antioxidants.

Spurred by these findings, Shibamoto’s team is launching a new study to determine how Puroast’s traditional roasting affects flavanols (flavor compounds) found in coffee. The company believes the research will confirm what our customers already know — Puroast alone combines sweeter, smoother taste, lower acidity and wellness benefits that stand up to science. It delivers on its “Feel Better, Not Bitter”™ promise.

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