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Pooki’s Mahi® Grows Kona Coffee Subscriptions By 900%

Silicon Valley startup Pooki’s Mahi® announced today it achieved a 900% conversation rate by optimizing the mobile experience, driving faster check out and improving the customer experience. Pooki’s Mahi is experiencing steady growth without taking venture funding or a loan and has consistently landed large customer accounts.

Pooki’s Mahi Founder/CEO Les Magsalay-Zeller explains, “Pooki’s Mahi does not outsource technology development, customer analysis, digital marketing, or brand activities like product merchandising. I improved Pooki’s Mahi coffee subscription platform to achieve higher conversion rates, significantly expand coffee subscribers and retain over 85% of the customers. Pooki’s Mahi direct to customer sales is more than business to business orders.”

The Silicon Valley executive continues, “Pooki’s Mahi has been collecting and analyzing customer data for over five years to create profiles related to customer journeys and digital marketing creatives mapped to Pooki’s Mahi brand journey. My customer profile represents a majority of Pooki’s Mahi coffee subscribers, wholesale coffee club members and performance driven resellers. Focusing on conversion rate optimizations such as faster check out, delivering a better mobile experience and prioritizing subscription orders first increased conversion rate for first time customers.”

Pooki’s Mahi coffee subscription platform was improved based on the Founder/CEO’s customer profile. Coffee subscribers expect expedited shipping, access to new products prior to the official launch, VIP customer service, best Kona coffee pricing, better mobile experience and influence the product roadmap. Customers expect issues to be resolved the first time with a proactive approach.

Pooki’s Mahi Founder/CEO took an analytical approach to improve the customer experience by shortening the conversion path to purchase and making the buying experience fit to Pooki’s Mahi customer profile. By focusing on referrers and channels that convert new customers purchase 100% Kona coffee and check out on the first visit to Pooki’s Mahi coffee subscription. Pooki’s Mahi introduced a VIP program for customers that purchase one or several six month coffee subscriptions.

Pooki’s Mahi customer base is uses high tech gadgets to conduct business on mobile or tablet. Over 50% of coffee subscriptions were purchased through mobile phone, tablet devices or a watch. The Silicon Valley implemented customer feedback such as ease of locating Kona coffee pricing comparison or managing subscription orders. Pooki’s Mahi implemented upgrade paths for 100% Kona coffees that consistently sell out. Subscribers receive an upgraded version of Kona coffee without paying extra.

Subscription Platform Improvements:


  • Reduced bounce and existing rate by 90%
  • Improved the time to display results to less than three seconds by condensing the image sizes.
  • Tracking information for subscription orders are pushed to the customer.
  • Integrates with strict online policies to improve brand protection.
  • Orders received by 9:00 am PT ship the next business day.
  • Responsive design for faster results to check out faster on mobile, watch or tablet devices.
  • VIP program for six month coffee subscriptions, and repeat customers.

Pooki’s Mahi manufactures expensive 100% Kona coffee, luxury single-origin coffees in a mesh coffee pod for private label or customers looking for promotional products. Customers convert to Pooki’s Mahi coffee subscriptions for the best Kona coffee price with expedited shipping included. Customers looking to pay less than $2.00 per single serve coffee pod are not a fit for the luxury food and beverage brand.

For use in 1.0 and 2.0 single serve coffee makers. Pooki’s Mahi®, Matcha Matcha Man® are registered trademarks of Pooki’s Mahi. The PMO Practice™, Kona KaKao™, and KaKao™ are trademarks of Pooki’s Mahi. New Product Launch Introductions, Go To Market Planning, and supply chain frameworks are protected under VA 1-924-170.


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