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First Watch debuting coffee that comes with a cause

First Watch has partnered with Mujeres en Café, the Women in Coffee organization of female coffee growers in the Huila department of Colombia. First Watch is launching the new coffee dubbed Project Sunrise, which has quite a story behind it.

Traditionally, Columbia’s coffee growing industry was male dominated. Due to the country’s decade’s long civil conflict, many women in Huila lost their husbands, brothers and sons and have now taken over the family business.

Together, they formed Mujeres en Café and embarked on a mission to create sustainable businesses that elevate the lives of their families and improve conditions in their rural communities.

Each year, more than 8 million cups of coffee are served in their restaurants. Project Sunrise gives 8 million opportunities to support these hard-working women and their families in Huila in 2018.

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