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Fast food giants vow to cut sugar levels by 20%

People consume more sugar than they think as it is found in so many foods and drinks.

Fast food chains including McDonald’s, Pizza Hut Delivery and Starbucks have signed up to a code of practice including a pledge to cut sugar in their food and drinks by 20 per cent by 2020. This will mean a change to the recipes of many products and the addition of new low-sugar items to menus.

Options include replacing ice cream with frozen yoghurt and introducing smaller portions.

These are some of the biggest names on the high street — however a number of major brands, including the likes of KFC and Burger King, are not part of the initiative and will take measures of their own. are promising to cut the amount of sugar in their products.

The code, drawn up by a working group from all the participating companies, includes a series of commitments around cutting sugar and responsible marketing to children.

There will also be more promotion of fruit and vegetables.

This code has been reviewed by the British Nutrition Foundation, an independent expert body which will also advise the alliance on its progress.

An alliance spokesman said: ‘These pledges will positively benefit the millions of customers we welcome into our stores and restaurants every day, to help make a significant collective impact.’

Daily Mail

By Sean Poulter


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