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Hamdard Laboratories aims to promote RoohAfza as a drink for all seasons.

Hamdard Laboratories has entered into an agreement with Barista Coffee Company to co-create RoohAfza-infused hot beverages and bakery products. Under the partnership, Barista has two cold beverages RoohAfza Shakerato and Masala RoohAfza on its menu at select outlets in India. The partnership co-created two new variants of hot beverages namely RoohAfza Badam Milk and Rooh Mocha. These beverages are available in about 100 Barista outlets, which are located in regions where RoohAfza is popular. The partners are now working on co-creating RoohAfza-infused cakes, muffins, croissants and patisserie products. These bakery products are likely to be launched on the Barista menu over the next three-four months.


(Indian Business Insight)


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