New York Based Philanthropic Company Helps Homeless Youth

kristen prager

With all the negative news spreading around the world, here is a feel-good story worth reading about:

This past month MADD launched their philanthropic venture into the world of coffee! MADD stands for “Making a Difference Daily”. Their mission is to improve the lives of others with each cup of coffee sold. They are a lifestyle brand looking to “make a difference daily” through promoting positive behaviors to their customers as well as donating 20% of their quarterly revenue to charities voted on by the customers!

This trendy, Brooklyn based coffee company’s vision is to motivate others to mirror their “pay-it- forward” ethos through kind behaviors and charitable acts. On their social accounts they offer inspiration through quotes, videos and photos. Covenant House NYC – an organization that provides loving care and vital services to homeless, abused, trafficked and exploited youth – is who will be receiving their first endowment. Covenant House has locations all over the Americas and gives a safe environment, guidance, appropriate healthcare and nourishing meals for these abandoned teenagers and young adults.

Partners, Marco Perez Del Cid and Manny Lopez were both raised in New York but come from diverse backgrounds. Manny, born in Queens, worked his way up in the finance industry and left his job on Wall Street to pursue this passionate endeavor. He felt the need to do more than continue his career of simply making the rich, richer. Marco was born in Guatemala, raised in Brooklyn by a family of entrepreneurs – in fact, the coffee beans that MADD roasts are imported from his family’s coffee bean farm in Guatemala. Additionally, he owns a vintage thrift shop chain, L-train Vintage, as well as exports second-hand, recycled clothes back to his home country. With both of the owners having personal success they felt a sense of noblesse oblige, and came together to give back for the blessings they were able to obtain in life.

Manny Lopez has a close affinity to Covenant House. He has volunteered for their Sleep Out events as well as donated money to the organization regularly throughout the years. It is this organization that motivated Lopez to begin a company based on philanthropy and bettering the community. He stated in an interview, “Their (the Covenant House Youth Occupants) resilience throughout their struggles and their ability to continue to work through and chase their dreams only helped me to chase mine. When I started MADD Coffee I knew that I wanted it to be something more than just a product, I wanted to start a movement.” The business was proposed through a casual conversation between Manny Lopez and Marco Perez Del Cid, former client who later became a friend. They decided on importing coffee beans from Perez Del Cid’s family’s coffee farm in Guatemala to create mutual benefit for both them and his family back home.

MADD coffee is organic and fair trade. It contains subtle notes of cocoa and toasted nuts, and has a naturally sweet and rich taste — which means no need to add flavors, sugars or even creamer. Their goal is to get their customers to take the MADD Pledge, and spread their message of helping the world around them, with big or small acts of kindness and generosity. Every quarter they will offer multiple charities in which their customers can vote on. They will donate 20% of their sales to the voted on organization. To find out more about this philanthropic venture, visit

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