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Rising Coffee Prices May Boost Growers


It’s been a big year for the companies that sell coffee, but not so much for the growers that supply them. That could start to change in 2019.

Historically low prices for coffee beans in 2018 will likely reduce the incentive for farmers to expand supplies, said Rodrigo Costa, the U.S.-based coffee director for Brazilian trading company Comexim.

That could mean a price spurt ahead, analysts say, as major moves within the industry promise to boost consumption worldwide.

Coca-Cola, for instance, spent $5 billion in 2018 to get into the java space. Meanwhile, Nestle SA made its third-largest deal in 152 years when agreeing to pay $7.15 billion for the right to market products from Starbucks, which is now expanding in China at a rate of a new store every 15 hours as demand in the world’s second largest economy booms.

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