Ska Fabricating Releases the “Double Barrel” Dual Twist Rinse Cage

Ska Fabricating is excited to announce the “Double Barrel” Dual Twist Rinse Cage, an innovative solution for rapid, tool-less changeover between can sizes in a packaging line.

The Double Barrel makes changing can size simple and effortless. No tools are needed, you simply slide the rinse cages from one side to the other and all necessary adjustments have been made for you. This rinse cage incorporates integrated can height controls, using a sensor to detect the active side of the rinse cage and control which photo-eye to use so no depalletizer adjustment is required. An automatic valve switches the water supply from one side to the other, saving water, eliminating the need to unhook your water source, and ultimately saving you time and money.

The product design was driven by customer feedback and Ska Fabricating’s commitment to pioneering solutions for packaging line automation. It is available for order and shipping in February. For more information, visit

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