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White Coffee Celebrates 80th Anniversary with ‘Fourscore’ Blend


Founder David White’s interest in food and beverage distribution came at a tumultuous time in U.S. history.  It was 1939, and Americans were still suffering through the Great Depression.

At that time, coffee’s appeal was primarily for its stimulating effect. The depression years had elevated coffee to a necessity for enduring long hours of work at low pay—if one could find work. By the late 1930s, coffee had become so entrenched as one of the few affordable, simple pleasures…that employers were increasingly providing coffee breaks for their employees. 1

Eighty years ago, the White family starting selling coffee to businesses—for patrons and employees alike. In recognition of the family’s success and longevity, the company is announcing its anniversary “Fourscore Blend.” The specialty, medium roast blend will be introduced later this quarter and will be available in retail outlets nationwide.

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