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Dr. Coffee To Reveal The Secrets Of A Consistent Cup At Pub Talk


As a scientist who appreciates reproducible results, Christopher Hendon is troubled by the idea that a barista would ever brew a cup of coffee that isn’t perfect every time.

“My biggest nightmare is when you have a great coffee one day and then you come back for another one and it’s not the same,” said Hendon, a professor in the UO Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry who is sometimes referred to as Dr. Coffee. “That idea for a chemist is like, you did the same experiment twice and you failed.”

Reproducibility is just one of the topics that Hendon will be delving into when he delivers a Jan. 9 Quack Chats pub talk on “Coffee: The Chemistry and Physics of Brewing a Perfect Cup.” He will explain everything from how water hardness affects coffee flavor to why you should never freeze your beans without vacuum sealing them first.

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