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Learning The Ideal Method For A+ Pour-Over Coffee, Once And For All


As chemically and ritualistically dependent on my morning coffee as I am, my weekday routine isn’t ideal. It’s not K-cups or instant coffee, but it wouldn’t win approval from true coffee aficionados. So when my Takeout colleagues and I decided to make 2019 “micro-resolutions,” taking 15 minutes to learn a skill that would improve our culinary know-how (such as expertly chopping an onion), I zeroed in on my morning coffee.

I buy quality coffee beans, grind them myself, pre-warm my mug, and own no fewer than four mechanisms for brewing coffee. My favorite method is making pour-overs, but had to admit I wasn’t doing them right. And I have no excuses. My cabinets are full of the requisite equipment: a v60, a gooseneck kettle, a kitchen scale, a digital thermometer. I just never bothered to take the extra few moments to take my pour-over game from a B- to an A+. If I’m going to take the time to brew a pour-over, I resolved, I might as well nail it.

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