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These Kyoto Coffee Shops Will Turn You into a “Coffee Person”


I’m definitely not a “coffee person.” I typically don’t go out of my way to try a new shop, or geek out over a specific blend. I drink it to be productive. But on a recent trip to Kyoto, after reading about how stellar the city’s coffee scene was, I decided to be that person. You know, the kind who walks a mile or two for a good cup, cares about whether or not the beans are roasted in-house, and stalks Instagram to see where the locals go. Plus, I knew I was going to be jet lagged as hell and would need it. So I did some research (turns out Japan drinks a lot of coffee), starred a bunch of spots in my Google Maps, and got going. Here are the shops that served up A+ lattes, and brought me to neighborhoods I wouldn’t have otherwise visited.

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