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Democrats Get Jittery Over Coffee Exec


NPR: “Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz says he is seriously considering a White House bid in 2020 as a ‘centrist independent,’ but many Democrats are increasingly alarmed that a third-party run could split the anti-incumbent vote and help President Trump be re-elected. In an interview with NPR… Schultz pushed back on that concern, arguing that he could be successful where other independent candidates haven’t been by appealing to an increasingly growing center and peeling off Democratic voters put off by the party’s progressive leanings. ‘I think lifelong Democrats and many, many more lifelong Republicans than Democrats realize are looking for a home,’ Schultz said. ‘If there is a choice between President Trump and a progressive liberal-minded person on the Democratic side, it would kill me to see President Trump be re-elected, and I believe that is what would take place.’ … ‘Nobody wants to remove and, in a sense, fire President Trump more than me.’”


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