Two Creative Designers Invented a Cool Travel Mug With a Unique Design

While very few people know about them, two young ambitious entrepreneurs from Almaty Kazakhstan are bringing a product to market that is sure to gain worldwide attention.

This is a unique innovation, wherein creative people who are striving for happiness and success, are eagerly awaiting the arrival of another novelty to supplement their collection of bright and stylish products that radiate joy. The founders of the brand are pleased with their unique product that has no comparison in the world: a universal travel and an anti-stress mug: The Roller MuG.

The idea of creating an unusual coffee mug inspired its creators while working in the office. The guys decided to put an end to gloomy despondency on the tables of their colleagues and replace it with something bright, positive – and at the same convenient and safe. The desire to give people a piece of happiness that will always be there, mobilized creative imagination and inspired these talented guys to create an exclusive product. Hundreds of ideas, dozens of sketches and experiments with elaboration of the smallest details resulted in a unique product – the coffee thermo mug: Roller MuG.

Roller MuG- Three In One

The novelty, without exaggeration, turned out to be exclusive. Its creators managed to combine seemingly incompatible things: a convenient thermos-mug, able to keep the temperature of the drink for 4-8 hours, and a creative stimulator for warming up the mind. The inner part of the case is made of high-quality food steel, and the exterior is a unique design of seven bright rings, scrolling according to the principle of the famous Rubik’s cube. Rings of shiny rainbow colored squares, allow one to practice ingenuity in moments of relaxation and at the same time to create a  unique pattern, while enjoying hot and aromatic coffee.

A unique mug was immediately tested in the office and unanimously accepted by the whole team. Moreover, it turned out that a bright colorful surface, originally designed to evoke positive emotions and cheer, also has a huge anti-stress effect! Given the specifics of tense and often routine office work, universal circle Roller MuG become a real gift for office workers. Thus, every owner of a compact and convenient insulated cup got just three pleasures: the opportunity at any time to cheer up your favorite drink, to train your brain and relieve tension.

But the developers did not stop there. Realizing that their invention has a triple effect, they decided to share it with the world by launching Roller MuG in mass production. Now the project is live on Kickstarter. Very soon students, office workers, travelers and simply creative people all over the world, striving for originality and living on the wave of positivity, will be able to become owners of a unique product that is able to give warmth, a smile and a piece of happiness.
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Two Creative Designers Invented a Cool Travel Mug With a Unique Design
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