The NEXT In Roaster Control Technology

Scolari Engineering / Texpak Inc

In the year 1987, Scolari Engineering S.p.A. started selling the first roasters with what is now widely known as “profile roasting”.  It was an approach that no-one else in the industry was doing, and something that we took seriously as a platform for the future of roasting.  Each year, a significant amount of monies were allotted to the software program for continuous improvement.

Our research and development led to dozens of breakthroughs for consistency of roasting, like our “Slope Roasting”, roaster self-diagnosis, troubleshooting, and maintenance.  While allowing for fantastically controlled roasting, we save batches that others lose.

We are happy to announce our latest breakthrough, which we call “Symphony™ Coffee Roasting”.

Many of the Master Roasters in the industry use their ears as a help to get the most out of a batch of green coffee. They listen for the first and second crack during the roasting process.

Well, our R&D group studied this phenomenon and in listening, found that not only was it interesting to listen to the cracks, but the coffee was making sounds from the beginning of the roast until the end.  It was playing a symphony for us!  The problem was that much of the song was outside of the range of human hearing.  Think dog whistle.

That symphony of the coffee could, however, be heard with the proper instrument and actually be incorporated into the control system of the roaster.  WOW.  We have received international patents for our discovery.

Yet another advancement in roasting technology, from the folks at Scolari Engineering!  We have had so many, that people often ask “What’s Next”… now you know.

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