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Sunniva to Pitch Super Coffee on Shark Tank


As a point guard for the Philadelphia University men’s basketball team, Jordan DeCicco refused to settle for the same old sugary bottled coffees and energy drinks sold on campus to get through his early morning practices and classes. Instead, the resourceful teenager decided to create something that he craved — something he felt could change the way his classmates, and possibly others, consumed energy drinks to get through the day. The result was the creation of Super Coffee, which was conceived in DeCicco’s dorm room. After selling the new drink to friends, dorm mates, and classmates around campus, DeCicco knew he had developed something terrific, so he dropped out of college and convinced his brothers, Jim and Jake, to be his new teammates.

After incredible success during the company’s first two years in business, the trio of brothers from Kingston, NY, will be featured on ABC-TV’s Shark Tank on Sunday, February 11, seeking an investment from one of the five sharks. The DeCicco brothers who named the company Sunniva, meaning gift from the sun, entered the tank seeking a $400,000 investment in return for a five-percent stake in their business.

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