New Groundwork Coffee: Hermanas de AMUCC Empowers Female Coffee Producers in Colombia

Hermanas de AMUCC, is the latest project from the amazing partnership that Groundwork Coffee Co. has fostered with AMUCC, a Fair Trade certified association of women empowering female coffee producers in Colombia.

Groundwork Coffee’s Hermanas de AMUCC ($21.95) is a new limited reserve two-pack of organic whole bean coffee featuring beans from two sisters, Argenis and Bertha Rosas, who are able to farm and operate their own micro-lots through AMUCC. The two coffees in the pack (one from each sister) have their own unique qualities: Bertha Rosas’ coffee gives a creamy and sparkly yield, while Argenis Rosas’ coffee has more of a balanced, silky, and robust quality. These two talented growers are also the recipients of Groundwork’s Quality Award for farmers who produce a truly exemplary micro-lot.

In Colombia, the absence of men in communities due to the upheaval over the last 25 years created a vacuum. Women found themselves as the de facto heads of their households — with all of the accompanying responsibilities, but none of the rights. Enter AMUCC, an association of women empowering female coffee producers in their community to fill that vacuum and bring about positive social change.

Groundwork Coffee’s partners fell in love with AMUCC’s coffee beans and the amazing community of women behind it. In 2017, Groundwork released an AMUCC Organic Single Origin roast and AMUCC Organic Single Origin Cold Brew. The Hermanas de AMUCC two-pack is Groundwork’s latest project with this incredible group of AMUCC women.

At AMUCC’s request, Groundwork continually funds an interest-free revolving credit line, which will help the certified organic farmers meet short-term cash flow needs and make farm equipment upgrades. On top of the premium attached to all Fair Trade coffees, Groundwork has committed to pay an additional premium dedicated to supporting AMUCC’s ongoing organic programs.


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