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Meet GINA, Your New Personal Barista


You’ve always wanted to be a barista. Maybe not full-time, per se, or for your entire life, but at least for a day, or an hour, or for those several minutes while you watch your cold brew hit the ice. But being a barista requires savvy, routine dedication, and you’ve already got a damn job. This is where GINA comes in.

GINA is a smart coffee maker, and not in the intelligent human sense. She’s a new, sleek pour-over coffee design that communicates with an app in your smartphone, combining personal customization with smartphone intuition for a seamless, one-of-a-kind coffee experience. GINA will pre-set customized brewing guidelines, keep track of weight, time and volume with its built-in scale, and even allow you to select your brewing method (cold drip, immersion, or our-over). It also happens to look really cool.

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