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Union to Boost Coffee Export

The Bench Maji Forest Coffee Producer Farmers’ Cooperative Union said it is working to increase its coffee supply to international market by 30 percent.

At the recent National Cooperative Associations Bazaar and Symposium,the Union Chief Executive Getahun Tekle said: ” Having carried out market assessment, we have planned to raise the current six percent coffee export .”

In his presentation, he made clear that though the union has been encountering many internal and external challenges, such as less quality and quantity of its coffee products which in turn has made the union not to be competitive in international market.

After receiving necessary support from the state ,the union has begun exporting coffee since 2011, he noted.

As to him, overcoming the current challenges, the union is now on the right track to increase the amount of coffee supply to both local and international markets. Accordingly, the union has managed to increase the amount of export coffee from one percent in 2014 to six percent in last year.

Apart from exporting coffee, the union is also exporting spices and honey. The union’s honey supply has reached 20 tonne annually and its modern honey processing factory is also under construction.


By Yosef Ketema



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