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Revamped tool adds 11 varieties from six African countries:

This week, World Coffee Research (WCR) launched a major update to its Arabica Coffee Varieties catalog, expanding it to include varieties from six new countries: Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. The catalog previously only covered varieties commonly found in and around Central America.

The updated catalog contains 53 total varieties, with expanded histories for many of them. The updated version introduces the following varieties: Bourbon Mayaguez 139, Bourbon Mayaguez 71Jackson 2/1257K7KP423SL28Harrar RwandaMibiriziNyasalandPop3303/21SL14SL34Catimor 129BatianRAB C15, andRuiru 11.

The catalog presents a breadth of information on each variety, from its appearance and key agronomic traits to its genetic background and intellectual property rights. For example, Jackson, which is cultivated primarily in Rwanda, is tall with a large bean size, has a high yield potential and grows well at high altitude, is related to Bourbon, and exists in the public domain. By providing information on this and other varieties, the catalog aims to enable those working in coffee to make informed decisions about which varieties may work best for their specific needs.

“We’re very proud to be expanding the catalog to include six African countries,” says Christophe Montagnon, scientific director WCR a lead author on the catalog. “The catalog is a living document, and as we continue to expand its global reach, we hope it supports more and more farmers in one of the most difficult and important decisions they make for the long-term sustainability of their farms.”

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