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L&E Bottling Adds Coffee to Their Growing Line of Beverages


We have all seen the t-shirts, mugs and memes that aptly describe our collective love of coffee. My favorite is simply “But first, coffee.” I don’t do anything until that first sip of morning joe hits the bloodstream. Coffee in the Pacific Northwest is almost a religion, so it is not surprising that L&E Bottling has jumped headfirst into the coffee business with stellar results.

L&E Bottling is a family-owned company that has been providing cold beverages to their customers for over 70 years. They like to say that they have been “Quenching thirst since 1945.” It only seemed natural to supply the equipment and service so customers could enjoy hot beverages as well. L&E Bottling began their coffee service four years ago by offering it to their existing customers. “We had the delivery structure already in place, so it made sense to add this convenience for our customers,” explains Shad Cooley of L&E.

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