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Raymah in the Eyes of Yemenis


In 2013, Yasser, 38, started to work as a field manager in one of ACTED’s project in Raymah governorate, which was the first time he saw Raymah.

“Mountainous villages that, despite any first glance, make you think that the distance between them is short, but, practically, you will have to descend down mountains and climb up others to reach to a village,” he said.

However, “Raymah villages make every single step worth it, with its houses and sun rays peeking through the misty atmosphere here and there on the mountain tops,” he added. Raymah is a green land, he continued, “But the strange thing about that is the ability of tall, green plants to grow when surrounded by rocks. If they just find a small circle of soil, their roots will grow.”

The people of Raymah are very similar to their land.

“They have pure, strong hearts that can handle life under hard circumstances,” Yasser said. “Most of them are rooted in this land and are willing to do whatever it needs for them to build it up.”

Yasser’s perspective about the people of Raymah has come about from his interaction with them since 2013, when ACTED’s partnership with EuropeAid and people in Raymah began a coffee production and water usage initiative, as part of a project to safeguard rural food access in the Governorate.

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