The worlds first hand powered espresso machine

Powered Espresso Extractor!

Designed to remove the need for power-hungry, expensive espresso machines that are difficult to repair, this unique and powerful tool puts the skill and artistry back in your hands–literally! It’s fast (Under 30 seconds)…it’s simple…and it works extremely well

The Patent protected Utility & Design Patent (#9648979) has been tested in our coffee shops for the past 18 months, each unit pulling approximately 2,500 coffee shots a month. With no loss in quality, no repairs and no down-time for cleaning, the process has been embraced by both workers and customers alike, allowing for a greater variety of bean to be used without the bitterness of over-extraction.

“I’ve never had an espresso shot made with an African Bean, I love that I can really taste the berry qualities…it’s not overpowered by the bitter burnt taste from the machine.” (John Moran, Espresso Machine Service Tech.)

The whole process sheds light on the flavors of the bean making short, fast shots that taste great and are more than just a caffeine spike! In addition, the versatility of the device allows for perfectly balanced, by-the-cup coffees as well as Tea extraction with steep times in less than a minute!

The device is available through their kickstarter campaign that is running now! For more information, visit or contact


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