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Starbucks Created A Drink Order For Every Zodiac Sign, And This Is Extremely #Onbrand For Millennials


We all know that coffee is life. If we could take a page from Lorelai Gilmore’s book, we, too, might want to hook ourselves up to a coffee IV. Unfortunately, Starbucks doesn’t provide such a thing (yet). Given the slew of coffee beverages the java giant does brew, though, you’d think it would be easy to choose your favorite cup of joe—but that’s not always the case (especially first thing in the morning). Thankfully, Starbucks has taken the guesswork out for us and provided a drink order for every zodiac sign. Yes, they’ve combined the cosmos and coffee together, and, frankly, it’s genius. The company published “The Starbucks Zodiac” on Instagram earlier this week, and the predictions are pretty spot-on. We obviously think this is awesome, because now one less decision has to be made in the morning.

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