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Stanley Coffee Shop Helps Haiti


Walk inside 1Mission Coffee Co. in Stanley and you’ll hear the hiss of espresso machines, you’ll smell freshly ground java, and you just might be spellbound at the sight of turnovers, cupcakes and other baked goodies.

But 1Mission Coffee Co. isn’t just a place to get a jolt of caffeine. Its founders and main baristas are local pastors — Randy Starkey of Craig Memorial Baptist in Stanley and Matt Munday of Unity Baptist in Crouse.

And its objective isn’t to make money: It’s a nonprofit venture that helps fund missionary work in Haiti.

Starkey started a nonprofit called 1Mission in 2010 after several years of doing missionary work in Haiti that involved training pastors and developing partnerships with Haitian churches. The coffee shop is an extension of the greater nonprofit.

Right now, 50 percent of the shop’s proceeds will go toward missions in Haiti. Eventually, Starkey and Munday plan to up that to 75 percent after paying down debt that comes with opening a business. Ten percent of 1Mission Coffee’s profits will go to the town of Stanley.

“This was born out of a desire to provide ongoing ministry support in Haiti,” Starkey said. “… But we want to have a local impact. We don’t just want to have an impact 2,000 miles away. That’s one of the reasons we want to give 10 percent back to the town of Stanley.”

The shop just opened in mid-February, and it’s offering coffee from Hatchet Coffee Roasters out of Boone. Before long, Starkey says, the shop will offer several varieties of coffee sourced from around the world, including beans from Haiti, Ethiopia and Guatemala.

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