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Baristas Coffee Company Inc, First To Bring CBD-Infused Coffee To Amazon


The advent of two platforms: social media and online shopping, revolutionized how business is carried out; changing the traditional brick and mortar system.

First, social media came to provide companies with a whole new method of targeted marketing based on full information provided by the user. Online shopping, on the other hand, came to provide companies with the ability to scale their operations especially geographical. It enabled institutions to reach customers who they would never have reached before in regions where their presence wasn’t previously felt. Therefore, the ability of a company to access the online marketplace allowed(s) them to grow significantly (in a deal which was further sweetened by the fact that some of these online marketplaces can now also carry out targeted marketing for the clients given their robust systems and client information).

Since the beginning of February, the firm has continued to enjoy a bull run. Its price back in January was about $.0055 per share (a major low for the company). However, this position has since reversed as the share price first spiked to hit $.128 per share but eventually close at its current price of $.05. Nevertheless, at its current price, investors in BCCI are still enjoying a 10X price multiple from the previous price.

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