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Araku’s Coffee Is World-Famous, But Why Are Its Farmers Still Struggling?


Andhra Pradesh, especially Visakhapatnam, is very proud of its ‘Araku Coffee’. Right from the time one sets foot into the city, there are restaurants, coffee shops, food stalls selling the world-famous ‘Organic Araku Coffee’. The bittersweet scent of this coffee is all-pervasive.

But a look at the lives of farmers growing this coffee paints a picture of stark contrast.

The origin of this award-winning coffee lies in the lush hills of Andhra’s reserve forest area. Over 100 kilometres away from Vizag, as one drives through the dense forest areas at an altitude of nearly 1000 metres above sea level, the roads are dotted with coffee plants and pepper creepers on either sides. Most of these coffee plants grow under the shade of jack fruit and silver oak trees.

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